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What do you get with a Blennerhassett Hotel wedding? You receive a wedding experience that includes full-service coordination and planning from our skilled team. We will work alongside your vendors to ensure a flawless wedding day, from the initial booking phone call to the check-out process. Our mission is to anticipate and fulfill our brides’ each wish, want and need. We are in the business of making dreams come true for each and every bride that walks through our doors.

Being a Blennerhassett Bride means you are a part of history, tradition and legacy.


Feature Blennerhassett Bride & Groom:
Faith & Cory Kriechbaum
Married on 10.21.17

Meet Faith & Cory Kriechbaum, married on July 29, 2017, who utilized the Blennerhassett Hotel 
for their ceremony and reception.

I am from Belpre and Cory, my husband (I just love saying that!), is from Marietta. Cory and my brother played football together at Marietta College, and became good friends outside of being teammates. After graduating, Cory moved to Houston, Texas to start his career.

My brother and sister decided to play match maker when they found out Cory and I had been casually talking here and there. I had zero interest in the guy and did not admire his persistent attempts to reel me in on his own, but I gave him a chance. It started with a very awkward double date at Los Agaves in Parkersburg, but soon blossomed into a beautiful long-distance relationship.

I was a sophomore at Ohio University and he was in Houston. His job relocated him to Pittsburgh in 2014 and I moved there to pursue my career as a social worker at the start of 2015. We have been living in Pittsburgh together ever since.

We were engaged for 15 months. He asked me to marry him at sunrise during a walk on the beach in the Outer Banks. He had to yank me out of bed to do this. I was completely opposed to it as I am not a morning person and our engagement photos can prove that.

When it came time to start searching for venues, Cory and I had originally looked in Pittsburgh. However, we soon realized after many venue tours, that Pittsburgh was not close enough to family.  Besides that, The Blennerhassett has so much charm. It truly is the perfect venue and a one-stop-shop for guests if they decide to hold their wedding in the outdoor tent, which I highly recommend doing so! The Blennerhassett is a true gem in the community and a staple for my out-of-town family members when they are visiting and need a place to stay.

We have a beautiful home of our own and love every second of the married life, even though it is not much different. I just have a new last name that is really hard to spell…  


Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue:

Ever since I can remember, I always told myself I would incorporate this tradition into my wedding day. However, it just didn’t happen. Other things were prioritized and many wedding traditions fell short to what really mattered to me.


Our goal is to make each wedding as special and memorable as possible, and we are thrilled to have made this possible for Faith & Cory. Here is their feedback:

Cory and I met with the beautiful Emily Davenport for our initial consultation and she was just amazing! She was personable, professional, and knew what she was talking about. Her passion for the job was obvious and I felt more at ease after that first meeting. Emily also played a huge role throughout our long engagement, lending advice, consulting with our vendors, and keeping track of every detail to ensure a successful day. Thanks to Emily and her team at The Blennerhassett, it was executed seamlessly. There were no flaws and if there were, her team did a good job covering them up.

I will also say that I am somewhat of a control freak and wanted to do a lot of the setting up myself. Cory is too when it came to the budget and crunching numbers, but Emily was always understanding and went along with his process. Emily and her team always offered a helping hand and paid attention to every detail to make sure everything went according to plan. Emily went above and beyond. For example, my garter kept falling down my leg on the long walk to the ceremony but she was there to help a girl out!


Advice for new brides:

Looking back, I realize that I paid too much attention to the small stuff. My advice for new brides would be to NOT do that. Those small details will most likely go unnoticed once the big day has arrived. The only things that your guests will remember are the things that matter most:

  • You and your groom
  • The ceremony – what a beautiful spot it was too!
  • The food – DELICIOUS
  • The celebration – a raging party, all thanks to Crossover Entertainment!

Nobody will notice if the wrong flowers are used in your centerpieces, if your napkins are folded incorrectly, or if a decoration was not put out. The day goes by so fast and worrying will only distract you from what is really important.

Emily and her team are true professionals and will worry about all of this, so my advice to you is to just let go of all of the distractions and HAVE FUN!


Photos by © Kelly Lester Photography