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Help save 2016! Crack this 1940s case at the Blennerhassett’s New Years Eve Party.

December 10, 2015 3:55 pm Published by

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The clock is ticking closer, but we have a mystery to solve before midnight!

We can’t head into 2016 until we solve this puzzle, so hop on back in time with us this New Years Eve to crack the case and join the merriment— but hopefully not murder!

It’s 1940s in Paris. The USO is here to perform for the troops (and you). You’re indulging in a ritzy 3-course dinner, full dessert bar of our pastry chef’s top treats, and the lively 40s tunes be-boppin’ in the ballroom.


USO mystery on New Years Eve at the Blennerhassett!

It’s all fancy, fine ’n dandy as the year winds away!

…but there’s something amiss. 

Golly gee whiz! It seems one of these performers is plotting something sinister! They’re gonna take out one of our own American spies!

Our best detective is on the case, but dangit, he can’t do it alone! He needs your help, or he’s done for!

Piece together the clues, save our undercover agent and catch the secretive Nazi sympathizer on stage, or we may never make it back for 2016!

Time will seem to stand still in the rush of all the fun, but we’re on the clock, so keep those peepers on the prize.

Because if you solve this mystery, hot dog! Then it’s time to really celebrate! Enjoy a midnight round of champagne on us. Then, you’d be bonkers to not add on a ticket to the after-party, where you can get your kicks with:

  • the jitterbug a-swingin’ in the dance hall
  • complimentary party favors
  • cocktails and vintage USO favorites in the Canteen Room lounge
  • spiffy props & costumes to help capture the moment in the photo booth with Hot Tomato Pin Up Academy

And we’re really counting on you to get us to our big New Year’s Day breakfast buffet! So bring your sleuthing skills, Ace! In addition to our gratitude, we’ll also grant all you New Years heroes a late checkout, so you can rest up after you crack the case.

Let’s save the day, and celebrate accordingly at The Blennerhassett Hotel! 

Get my ticket to the party > 

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