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Gingerbread contest: Help create or explore our sweet dessert dreamland

November 19, 2015 5:18 pm Published by


gingerbread village WV

Gingerbread village at The Blennerhassett Hotel

The warm-baked scent of the season will soon fill the halls of The Blennerhassett Hotel. We’re building a holiday utopia.

We’re baking up a whole village worth of treats— a gingerbread settlement of candies, cookies and confections. You’re warmly welcome to visit, or help us create this decadent dessert dreamland in our gingerbread house contest.

First Neighborhood Bank is helping us bring this confectionery community to life, and if the previous years are any indication, we’re all in for more of a treat than just the sweets.

“We’ve had some really amazing creativity,” said Nicole Slattery, marketing manager for the hotel. “Some of the most memorable ones are the nontraditional— Tiki Santa, a full scene from The Nutcracker, gingerbread RVs with campfires, castles with knights and Rapunzel with flowing hair from her tower— all with just candy.”

Gingerbread contest, WV

Gingerbarn house!

Gingerbread contest

Sign up by Dec. 1

Getting a plot in candy paradise has its perks— namely, $7,000 in prizes! Your gingerbread homestead can win prizes ranging from cash to gift baskets and pizza parties for the kids.

And there are plenty of chances to win! 18+ gingerbread creations will take home an award, with first, second and third in 6 divisions— professional, adult, young adult, junior, child and school (a tasty teambuilding project for your classroom!) And then there’s the coveted People’s Choice, and additional awards for achievements like “most unique.”

Pastry chefs, local artisans and interior decorators will lend their expertise to judging. Dazzle them with icing ornament and peppermint personality. Last year’s edible entries were amazing (and so were the year’s before!).

“People have built the backs and roofs open so you can see intricate scenes inside,” Slattery said.  “And it’s always jaw-dropping when people pull inspiration from local history and re-imagine it in candy. We’ve had  Blennerhassett mansion replicas, buildings from the Julia-Ann Historic District, and even a few of the hotel!”

But we think you can top ‘em. Just be sure to follow the rules.

WV history in candy: Gingerhassett Mansion

WV history in candy: Gingerhassett Mansion

Drop-off Day Celebration

Sun, Dec. 6, 2-5 p.m.

The grand reveal! We’ll be celebrating the arrival of all our creative candy castles with a drop-off event for all our ‘bread house builders!

Help kick off the magic. Add your gingerbread homestead to the candy community, and enjoy hot chocolate and sweet treats. We’ll have activities, too, including coloring for the kids.

You’ll want to come back to visit for the awards ceremony is Dec. 12, too!

A candy homage to our own lovely hotel? What a sugar-sweet surprise!

A candy homage to our own lovely hotel? What a sugar-sweet surprise!

Visit & Vote

Dec. 7-28

Even if you don’t build a gingerbread house, you can still share the joy of this holiday wonderland. The best way to get in the spirit is with a gingerbread latte from Starbucks. (Or creme brûlée or peppermint!)

And help crown the candy king!

Your loose change counts as a vote for People’s Choice, so take a stroll through the candy village and support your favorite. In true spirit of the season, all the money for the candy houses goes toward creating real houses with Habitat for Humanity.

 Or just enjoy the inviting scent of a little escape to this holiday wonderland.

Come home, sugar-sweet home.

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