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How to Find a Wedding Deal

January 13, 2016 3:21 pm Published by

By Cecil Childress, General Manager

In our business, we have come to learn that the holidays are some of the best times for “popping the question.”

For those who don’t know which question I’m referring to, let me give you a hint: The holiday question is not, “Hey, you gonna eat that?”  It’s more like “Will you marry me?” And if the answer to this question was yes, you probably need to talk wedding plans.

Wedding at The Blennerhassett

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One of my first blogs gave readers information about getting a great deal at the Blennerhassett by asking us about “Hot Dates.” Simply put, a hot date is a time when we traditionally anticipate the hotel being slow. It’s kind of like buying a snow blower in the spring when the hardware store needs to move them out to make room for lawnmowers.

When our hotel anticipates a soft period for guestroom demand, we will negotiate rates to encourage guests to buy.

This also applies to weddings. If you know when a soft time is at the Blennerhassett, you can probably negotiate a better deal on a wedding package. However, the reverse is also true; you probably won’t be able to get a deal when we are anticipating being very busy.

As you begin your wedding planning, it makes sense to book the most expensive part first; the reception. Now, we understand that you need to do a lot of planning, including hotel accommodations, church availability, decorators, cake makers, florists, etc. However, you should also consider that businesses catering to weddings very often have the same high and low times, so a deal with one may lead to a deal with another. Again, the reverse is true with these wedding providers; when they are busy, deals are harder to find.

Blennerhassett hotel bliss

photo by Michele Coleman Photography

How do you find out about these “Hot Dates” for your wedding? Easy! Just call us and ask. We play a “rates and dates” game. Tell us your budget, and we’ll tell you when you can book; tell us when you want to book, and we’ll tell you what it will cost. So if you’re interested in getting a great deal, simply ask us, and we’ll recommend a time when you can get one.

When are these deals? Here are a few examples. Hotels like the Blennerhassett are often slow during the 1st quarter of the year, so a January or February wedding could possibly net you thousands in savings over the very busy spring, summer, or fall.

Another savvy way to get a wedding deal is to have an overnight group block. A group block ensures your guests will have a place to stay. The more rooms you have in your block, the better your discounts will be.

And besides, your friends will have such a wonderful time at your reception that they probably shouldn’t drive anything besides the hotel’s elevator.

So, who do you call here at the Blennerhassett to find out about these “Hot Dates”? Our Wedding Sales and Catering Manager is Emily Davenport, and you can reach her at 304-865-8657 or by email at She will be happy to help you find that great deal and plan your perfect wedding.

Happy Wedding planning, and we hope to see you soon.

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