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Our fabled hotel is your homebase for a spooky haunted tour hop

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Search for ghosts and explore mysterious historic sites from our Halloween hub at The Blennerhassett Hotel!

If you’re looking for frightful festivities, we’ve got plenty of recommendations! From local hauntings and flashlight tours to shiver-worthy road trips, our state is a spooky goldmine.

Haunted Parkersburg

From late September to early November, our city gets a little… creepy. No wonder— Parkersburg ranks as one of West Virginia’s most spectral towns.

America’s 8th most popular ghost experience starts in our very own lobby! Join screenwriter and paranormal investigator Susan Sheppard for her famous “Haunted Parkersburg Walking Tour.” She’ll explain why spirits appear and where you might spot your own ghost!

To take your creepy adventure even deeper, our Haunted Parkersburg Package ensures you’ll have an eerie night. We’ll give you 2 tickets to Susan’s tour, plus flashlights and coffee or hot chocolate from our Starbucks bar. Then, spend the night in one of our haunted bedrooms! We’ll even throw in a $20 spending card for extra treats. (No tricks, we promise.)

Don’t like nocturnal tours? You can still have a taste of Halloween at the Blennerhassett Hotel itself. In fact, we actually have a few resident spookers of our own! (All that history, don’t you know.) Several guests have seen a dapper fellow in grey or smelled whiffs of cigar smoke in the library. We believe it could be the spirit of William Chancellor, the founder of the hotel. Other folks have seen lively children in 19th-century clothes capering down the halls.

Even if you’re skeptical about ghosts, we’re pretty confident you’ll get a kick out of our Gaslight-Era hotel. Unpack your bags, order from our award-winning wine list, and bask in the spicy glow of an autumn evening.

Spooky sites nearby

Parkersburg definitely has enough hauntings to keep you ghost hunting for days, but we’re also within driving distance of 4 more infamous haunted sites. If you crave spine-tingling experiences, these historic attractions have a chill all their own:

1. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is a cavernous, towering structure that dominates the flat Weston horizon. Only the Kremlin surpasses it as the world’s largest hand-hewn stone building.The 19th-century sanitorium was built to house 250 patients at most, but it overflowed with 2,400 souls by the 1950s. It shut down permanently in 1994.

Its history makes it a hotbed of paranormal activity. Take flashlight ghost tours, sleepovers and daytime tours. Bring a camera (who knows what you’ll see!) and a jacket— there’s no heating at the asylum.

2. The West Virginia Penitentiary

The West Virginia Penitentiary also has a dark, sinister past. Built shortly after the Civil War, the prison quickly became notorious for violence, riots and murder. All told, 998 inmates died in the forbidding Gothic Revival fortress.

If you believe in the supernatural, the penitentiary’s grim history is ripe for ghosts. Put your nerves to the test during a daytime, paranormal or overnight investigation tour!

3. The Ridges

And just across from us is Athens, Ohio— one of America’s most haunted towns. It’s easy to see why if you visit its historic sanitorium, The Ridges.

While the brick building looks innocent enough with its scalloped porches, inside is quite another matter. One of the rooms has the unmistakable shape of a female body on the floor. No matter what, the stain won’t disappear.

4. North Bend Rail Trail Tunnel 19

Sometimes, the most atmospheric haunted attractions are the ones you explore on your own.

Rumors of hauntings at the North Bend Rail Trail’s ghostly Tunnel 19 started back when the B&O trains rolled through the 1,376-foot-long underpass. Engineers— possibly too familiar with Wilkie Collins’ “The Woman in White”— said they caught a glimpse of a silvery lady in the darkness.

Who knows, maybe you’ll see the Ghost of Silver Run for yourself!

Are you brave enough to investigate all these spooky mysteries?

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