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Why women should come to our Women’s Weekend

February 5, 2016 6:54 pm Published by

by Cecil Childress

Women's weekend

Beauty and relaxation at Women’s Weekend at the Blennerhassett Hotel.

Ladies, I have to confess that while I consider myself somewhat of a romantic, I understand that romance doesn’t always translate into understanding how women think and feel. Now, before you completely write me off, let me convey what little I know about women, and how I know I know it.

First, let me disclose that I am married to a remarkable woman and have five lovely daughters from ages 18 to 28. I’ve seen a great deal of how women operate, while at the same time never particularly grasping how they think. It appears my lack of comprehension may be connected to the fact that women think and feel at the same time.

Without going into the whole “men are like waffles— women are like spaghetti” analogy, let me just tell you some of what I’ve observed.

One of my wife’s favorite things is to get together with her adult daughters for a special weekend getaway. Sometimes it’s a planned event; sometimes it’s not. On rare occasions she gets away with her sisters or girlfriends for the same kind of respite. Either way, she comes back in a great, relaxed mood and is therefore much better equipped to deal with the likes of me. And even a very dull male like me understands the concept of “happy wife, happy life.” The men in your life really want you to be happy. To be completely honest, we love you and want you to take time for yourself, because we know you don’t do that enough.

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Treat yourself!

And this brings me to the Blennerhassett Hotel’s 4th annual Women’s Weekend Feb. 26- 28. If you need a refreshing getaway that includes rich entertainment, wonderful food, fun education, super cocktails, unique dance classes, specialty shopping and plenty of relaxation, take a closer look at our website to find out how you can sign up. This package includes educational seminars, spa treatments, culinary experiences, fitness classes and lots of fun and fellowship— all at a great price.

The Women’s Weekend getaway package is a great gift to give yourself, or your friends and family.

Or, better yet, you could try dropping a few hints about wanting your man to buy you this wonderful weekend package. You could explain that spending the weekend with girlfriends is like downtime without the NFL or NASCAR. We might understand that.

You owe it to yourself to relax for a weekend, and maybe even create a new yearly tradition for you and the women in your life.

Women's Weekend

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