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History – Return to Glory 1985 – 2002

Blennerhassett Hotel Exterior Old

The Hotels second major renovation began in 1985, and continued until the early spring of 1986, surpassing seven million dollars. The new addition to the hotel was added at this time, including a grand Ballroom and Promenade on the first floor and guest rooms on the second through fifth floors, bringing the number of rooms to around 104. An atrium was added on the third floor, with skylights installed on the roof, along with the installation of new guest elevators, and the creation of the Library. 

The Kaltenecker building, which is located to the right of the hotel on Market Street, was incorporated into the hotel at this time. Many antiques from other places around the country were brought in to give a historical feel to the hotel at this time period, and lots of dark stained wainscoting was added throughout the building. Some could say that this renovation sort of gave the hotel a Mississippi Riverboat sort of feel inside.

The Kaltenecker building was built by John Kaltenecker at the same time that Chancellor was building the Blennerhassett Hotel.  This is why when you are on the outside of the Hotel, the Kaltenecker building has the same architectural style as the Blennerhassett Hotels, because Kaltenecker had the same architect do the same architecture on his building that Chancellor had done on his new hotel building. On the third floor of the outside of the building the name Kaltenecker can be seen inscribed on the sandstone. The hotel had the name on the sandstone rein scribed around the time of the third major hotel renovation, due to the fact that time had worn away the name and people wondered what the significance of the name was.  


Older Blennerhassett Hotel
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History – 1960 Presidential Campaign

In 1960, Mr. Robert Huck ran and operated the Blennerhassett Hotel. One of our most famous guests to have stayed at the hotel, at this time period was a young senator from Massachusetts, Senator John F. Kennedy. While running for the presidency in 1960, it was crucial to win West Virginia’s electoral vote. Kennedy touredRead More

History – The Legacy Continues 2019 – Present

In October of 2019, the hotel was sold and became under new local ownership. Currently known as the company R&W Hotels, and owned and operated by Wayne Waldeck and Lee Eric Rector, both local businessmen here in Parkersburg. In the early part of 2020 there were some new changes made to the hotel. Faux tinRead More

History – Most Recent Renovation 2002 – 2006

The Hotel's third major renovation began in November of 2002, and continued up until the spring of 2006. At this time the hotel property was owned by the Ross Family, who purchased the hotel's property in 2000. This renovation surpassed ten million dollars. Construction was started at the fifth level, and once completed, moved toRead More

History – First Renovation & Fire 1944-1979

History - First Renovation & Fire 1944-1979 The Hotel has had three major renovations since its opening in 1889. The first major renovation occurred in 1944-45, when William Chancellor’s grandson, Nelson C. Burwell ran and operated the hotel. At this time a new terrazzo floor was added to the lobby area and marble facade wasRead More

History – “Hotel Blennerhassett” from 1889

The Historic Blennerhassett Hotel was built and constructed by Colonel William Nelson Chancellor. Construction on the original part of the hotel began in 1883, and after six years of construction, the doors were officially opened to the world on Monday, May 6, 1889. Chancellor wanted a hotel grand for its time, and second to noRead More

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