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Derby, Drinks and Divine Hats

Watch the Kentucky Derby at Parkersburg’s Premiere Lounge!

The Kentucky Derby takes center stage on May 6th, 2023 at The Lounge at the Blennerhassett Hotel & Spa! Cheer for your favorite jockey while sipping Mint Juleps and The Bluegrass State’s finest bourbons alongside fellow Derby enthusiasts.

Derby, Drinks and Divine Hats
Start planning your hat now! Wide brims with flowers, short brims with bows, fascinators with feathers – we look forward to seeing it all! Let’s pack the Lounge with creative, immaculate Derby headwear!
Use the link below to sign up to be notified when more information becomes available about the Kentucky Derby viewing party at The Lounge at The Blennerhassett! You don’t want to miss the Mid-Ohio Valley’s top Kentucky Derby event!

Will you be designing your own hat?

Designing and wearing Kentucky Derby hats can be a joyous experience. The Kentucky Derby is a prestigious horse race held annually in Louisville, Kentucky, and it is known for its vibrant fashion and elaborate hats. Designing a hat for the Derby allows for creative expression and the opportunity to showcase one’s personal style. Wearing a beautifully designed hat to the Derby can be a fun and exciting experience, as it adds to the festive atmosphere of the event. Plus, a well-designed hat can be a conversation starter and help the wearer stand out in a sea of fascinators and fedoras.

Enjoy a Blennerhassett Mint Julep, a drink with a long tradition!

The mint julep is a traditional cocktail that originated in the Southern United States, specifically in the state of Kentucky. It is most commonly associated with the Kentucky Derby. The drink is made with bourbon, mint, and simple syrup, and it is typically served in a frosted silver or pewter cup. The mint julep has a long history, with its origins dating back to the 18th century, meaning it is very likely people were enjoying mint juleps dating back to the hotel’s early days, served to travelers. It was originally seen as a medicinal drink, with the mint being used to help settle the stomach and the alcohol serving as a pain reliever. Due to the deliciousness of the drink, over time the mint julep became a popular social drink, and it is now a staple at the Kentucky Derby and other events throughout the South.

What is the Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby is a horse race held annually in Louisville, Kentucky, and it is known for its prestigious reputation and long-standing traditions. The race is open to three-year-old Thoroughbred horses and is run on a dirt track at Churchill Downs racetrack. It is 1.25 miles (10 furlongs) in length and is typically run at a fast pace, with the winning horse completing the course in around two minutes. To be eligible to compete in the Kentucky Derby, horses must earn points in designated prep races throughout the year. The horses with the most points at the end of the prep race season are eligible to enter the Derby. The race is limited to 20 horses, with the starting positions determined by a random draw. The winner of the Kentucky Derby is awarded the iconic garland of red roses.


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