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Haunted Blennerhassett One Year Anniversary Special Event

Haunted Blennerhassett One Year Anniversary Special Event


A one-year anniversary special Haunted Blennerhassett investigative 3-hour tour

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A special THREE-HOUR ghost hunting event

Haunted Blennerhassett One Year Special Event

Friday, February 17th marks the one-year anniversary of Haunted Blennerhassett’s monthly tours. To celebrate, we’re hosting a one-of-a-kind special investigation!

Join Adra Johnson at The Blennerhassett Hotel for a two-part tour exploring the paranormal within these storied walls.

Beginning in the Blennerhassett Library, found just to the left after entering the hotel, Adra Johnson will walk you through our halls, telling you stories of reported happenings and creepy coincidences. You will explore several parts of the hotel with a guide who will relay stories that guests have echoed over the years.

Sounds like a fun time? That’s only the first half hour!

For the second part, you will join other participants upstairs on the second floor for a spirit session with Adra, whose professional ghost-hunting and paranormal tour experience extends as far as Australia. In real-time you will analyze EMF frequencies, voice recordings, and more to reveal what may be hiding in plain sight.

This tour will be on the third Friday of Feb. from 7 PM – 10 PM. This is an extended 3 hr tour; exceeding the traditional 1.5-hour tour in other months. Tickets to this enhanced tour are $50. Ages 16+ only.

Secure your tickets NOW. Only 15 tickets to this unique event will be sold!


Planning to spend the night? Do not use this page to purchase, as this is for individual tickets ONLY! Give us a call and let us know you would like the Haunted Blennerhassett One-Year Anniversary Package!

Hotel Package

Call us to inquire about hotel room packages that include:

  • Two tickets for the Haunted Blennerhassett Tour on Feb 17th
  • Blennerhassett Breakfast
  • Cookies
  • Flashlight
  • a $20 gift card to be used in the gift shop, restaurant and lounge, cafe, or spa services




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